How to resolve Assembly references problem

Views: 2,097 Error: The type ‘System.IO.Packaging.Package’ is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly ‘WindowsBase, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35’ Simple Solution: just right click , reference in  solution of the project and search for the “windowbase” , like the below snagit then click …

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Bind Data to GridView From Different Data Sources

Views: 358 Introduction:  In this Article, I have tried my best, to create  different data source and bind it to the grid view. Since datasource and grid view are very much important to work in any application. In the future, if I have found any another datasource will append it …

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Open Xml: Simple/Entire Excel Parser application code to import large excel to any data source

Views: 255 Introduction: In this article, I have provided the real time code which is used in one of my project to read the data from the excel and put that data into the sql server database (you can put into any database). Here in this parser I have written …

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Beginners guide: How to Install IIS and setup your first Web site

Views: 350 Introduction: In this article you will learn about how to install IIS and setup your first website. As a first step, we need to enable the IIS in our system; by default it won’t be available To enable just go to Control panel->Program and features->Turn windows features …

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Convert Code Behind Files or Class Files into One dll File in Visual Studio

Views: 62 Background A few days back, I got a requirement from a client saying that they needed a package of the project which should not explicitly contain any code behind files or class files because their code had some confidential data and they didn’t want to explicitly transfer it. …

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Fix to FileUpload Control is Not Working in Update Panel

Views: 270 Reason for Problem File upload control will not work in the Partial (asyn) Post back and it requires full post back. Solution for Problem Just add marked three lines of code like the below screen shot, Sample snag it, Before Fix AfterIt’s Fixed 189 total views, no views today

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Read Excel Files Using Microsoft Office Interop Assemblies in ASP.NET C#

Views: 126 Background A few days ago I got a requirement to read Excel files and store those values in the Sql server database. So in this example am going to show how to get the basic four import datas such as Excel Work Book Name, Worksheet Count in that …

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