Bind Data to GridView From Different Data Sources

Views: 358 Introduction:  In this Article, I have tried my best, to create  different data source and bind it to the grid view. Since datasource and grid view are very much important to work in any application. In the future, if I have found any another datasource will append it …

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Convert Code Behind Files or Class Files into One dll File in Visual Studio

Views: 62 Background A few days back, I got a requirement from a client saying that they needed a package of the project which should not explicitly contain any code behind files or class files because their code had some confidential data and they didn’t want to explicitly transfer it. …

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Fix to FileUpload Control is Not Working in Update Panel

Views: 270 Reason for Problem File upload control will not work in the Partial (asyn) Post back and it requires full post back. Solution for Problem Just add marked three lines of code like the below screen shot, Sample snag it, Before Fix AfterIt’s Fixed 189 total views, no views today

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Read Excel Files Using Microsoft Office Interop Assemblies in ASP.NET C#

Views: 126 Background A few days ago I got a requirement to read Excel files and store those values in the Sql server database. So in this example am going to show how to get the basic four import datas such as Excel Work Book Name, Worksheet Count in that …

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Fix To: The Out Parameter Must Be Assigned to Before Control Leaves the Current Method

Views: 235 Introduction The out keyword causes arguments to be passed by reference. To use an out parameter, both the method definition and the calling method must explicitly use the out keyword. Although variables passed as out arguments do not have to be initialized before being passed, the called method …

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How to Log an Exception With a Simple Example in C#

Views: 56 Introduction In this article, I have shared how to log an exception in a text document so that it will be stored permanently in the database. I have attached the source code in the attachment section. Write the following code in catch block of any event:


149 total views, no views today Ways Of Determining If A Word/String Is a Palindrome

Views: 59 Introduction In the below content, you will find simple, different, yet important ways to find whether a string /word is palindrome or not. Way 1 : Using Array. Reverse () Method using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace ProgrammingInterviewFAQ.Palindrome {     class UsingReverseMethod {         static void Main() {             Console.WriteLine(“Enter the String to check:”);             String input = Console.ReadLine();             string output = string.Empty;             char[] inputtochar = input.ToCharArray(); // this line converts the string to char for reversing             Array.Reverse(inputtochar); // this line actually reverse the Converted CharArray             output = new string(inputtochar); //this line converts the ReversedcharArray back to string             if (input == output) {                 Console.WriteLine(“Palidrome”); …

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