Convert Code Behind Files or Class Files into One dll File in Visual Studio


A few days back, I got a requirement from a client saying that they needed a package of the project which should not explicitly contain any code behind files or class files because their code had some confidential data and they didn’t want to explicitly transfer it. So below is the solution for that.

Step 1

First develop your ASP.Net web application. Once everything is ready for deployment just go the option Build->Publish Web Site like the screen shot given below.

Step 2

Give any profile name appropriate to the project.

Step 3

Here select the option as Web deploy package like below:

Step 4

Very important step, just click the file publish option and tick the option that says  “Precompiled during publishing“.


Above is the option which converts into dlls.

Step 5

Verify the Location where you want to store the files.

Step 6

Finally click the Publish button below:

That’s it, after afew times, it will generate the files required and put it like the below structure.



All the code behind files were converted to the APP_Code.dll, since we have placed some other class files in the APP_Code folder of the project. Even if we had plenty of code files it will just convert into this one app_Code.dll file.


Hope the above information was helpful,kindly let  me know your thoughts or feedbacks



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